Welcome to Pet Keep, where we believe every pet deserves a way home. It’s an unfortunate fact that sometimes our beloved cats & dogs get lost. They don’t realize in their sprint towards adventure that they could be traveling further and further from the safe comfort of their owners. The sad truth is, many of those stories don’t end well. With Pet Keep high-tech tags, you can make your own happy ending!

    The conventional pet tags we’re all familiar with may serve their most basic purpose but leave a lot to be desired. Our tags each have a unique QR codes with an associated ID that can be scanned from anywhere at anytime by anyone using virtually any smart phone or mobile device! The codes are linked to a private profile all about you and your pet in which you have full control. It’s an easy & effective solution to an otherwise outdated product and our way of preventing the staggering number of missing pets, one tag at a time. Pet Keep is proud to be using the latest advances in web technology to ensure you will never be without your cuddly friends again.

    Pet Keep is an Australian Company donating a portion of all proceeds to the Animal Welfare League of Australia.

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